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How To Use a Primer Serum with Your Skin Tint

Primer Serum at Jazmine Beauty

Skin tints already have the feeling and texture of a primer, so many often skip applying their regular primer serum before they begin their makeup routine with a skin tint. But we highly recommend using both! Using serum as primer and skin tint as makeup offers the most glowy, plump-looking skin.

What is a serum primer?

A primer does exactly what the name implies – primes your skin for ideal makeup application. It’s a preparatory product that helps your makeup last longer and apply more evenly. A great primer serum doesn’t just smooth skin and keep makeup in place – it also contains ingredients that brighten skin and give you a radiant glow.

For example, our Glow Getter Hydrating Primer has a violet tone that helps counteract redness and contains a blend of antioxidants that helps skin regeneration. A special blend of pearls lends a luminous glow, with or without makeup.

How to use primer serum

Your serum should be one of the last steps in your skincare routine. Cleanse your face and apply your primer serum after your moisturizer. With clean fingertips, smooth a dime size amount over your face, neck, and décolleté. For drier skin, you can apply up to a quarter size, but a little goes a long way!

With primers, it’s better to apply lightly and sparingly. Wait for serum to dry 1-2 minutes before applying your skin tint or other makeup – or go makeup free to show off your radiant glow! You can use your serum primer as a regular part of your skincare routine, regardless of your makeup application.

Learn more about how to use a primer serum here.

Tips for using primer serum with a skin tint

Since primer serum and skin tint have such similar textures, it’s important to apply them properly for the best results.

We recommend blending your primer in well and waiting a minute or two after applying your primer serum before applying your skin tint. This allows the serum to fully absorb and provide a smooth canvas for makeup application. You’ll want to make sure it’s completely dry first to avoid piling or patchiness.

We’ve designed our Glow Getter Hydrating Primer and our Life’s a Beach Skin Tint to work together beautifully to address skin issues and give you a glowy, healthy-looking complexion.

Glow Getter Primer Serum

Our primer serum hydrates and soothes skin with antioxidants like acai extract, elderberry flower, and vitamins A, B, C, and E, while our skin tint offers the best of all makeup options. It contains SPF 31 for daily skin protection, and clean beauty ingredients that restore your complexion, reduces skin irritation, and fights off free radicals. They’re designed to be applied together for the ultimate radiant, natural glow.

For more about skin tints and why we love them, check out this post!


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